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Aug 25 2011

Shoulder my cry

Contrary to popular belief, every man, however macho or otherwise, has every emotions that are considered feminine. We cry. We need support. We love. We miss. We are what we are. Here I am throwing in my growing frustration into words & hoping it would cure me and ‘man’ me up! 🙂 This ain’t a …

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May 28 2009

Beauty of a stranger

Ever traveled hoping to meet the same stranger again? Ever thanked your lucky stars for do so? Ever wondered how would you react when you meet the stranger you were only _hoping_ to meet? Chennai-Bangalore, a route I am way too familiartraveled a zillion times between, year after year;Whoever sit next to me, be it …

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Dec 07 2008

Happy Bday Olive

Today would have been one of my best days in life. But that not be the case decided destiny! Olive decided I am not important in her life & so be it said I. Tomorrow is her bday & I cannot call her! 🙂 If I could have then I would have given her a …

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Oct 06 2008

fish Vs boat

bored to hell I am, frustrated to the limits,wondering where my life is planning 2 take me;realization struck like bolt of lightening –‘does the fish know where the waves lead them?‘well, fishes don’t but the boat does! choices are with us – boat Vs fish;fish lets the wave decide its course,boat uses the wave for …

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