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Feb 21 2007

Eklavya – A Majestic Beautiful No-Nothing

to… pv: I know. I know. I am just playing it safe & praying. And thanks dude for the financial help offer. Can ye plz transfer $55,000 to my a/c! 😉 The day was boring, as in nothing much was happening. Also I had not-a-so-good-time with the ICICI bank. As they money is still @ …

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Nov 22 2006

6 movies in 4 Days!!!

I have lots to write but thought would pen them in one post. No point in splitting bcoz all of them are of similar type. All of them concerns the various movies I have seen. 🙂 After a pathetic 3 weeks of house-hunt, I felt I needed a break. A serious break, I meant. But …

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Nov 01 2006

Ghost Busters (1984)

I visited my friend last night & we both watched this movie on Sony-pix. Boy, we were not able to stop laughing. Every scene was interesting & comical. Every dialogue is so situational & the timing was awesome. So i decided to blog about it 3 scientist, Peter Venkman(Bill Murray), Ray Stantz(Dan Aykroyd), and Egon …

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