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Oct 30 2011

"7-am arivu" – an worthless offering

Saw 2 very different movies by very different directors who have attained great fame in very short time. One relatively old. One brand new. One @ cinema hall. One in the movie channel @ home. One costed me. One free. One having a silly actor in the lead. The other got a much superior talent …

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May 06 2008

meet the spartans – a piece of sh*t!

this saturday was my black-saturday. I happened to watch this sorry movie called ‘MEET THE SPARTAN.‘ This is my back-lash @ the director. I am also joining the zillions across the globe who have questioned the existence of the film makers To start with, I had loads of expectation as I was picking up the …

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Mar 29 2007

W.A.T.E.R – an beauty of its own.

to… ~*. D E E P A .* ~ : tanq… so there is some one who still believes my lame excuses. 🙂 this gives me loads of confidence! 😉 Me went to my friends’ house and they had a small quarell. It concerned one guy ditching the other & goin for a night show. …

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Mar 06 2007

Blood Diamond

to… chax: Dont ever think about reading a new movies story in moi blog. I will never spoil even with a spoiler warning. 🙂 In this stupid place where I live the number of English movies that run in theatres are, at its best, 2!!! So, when I heard this movie was current on screens, …

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