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Checklist for “Smooth” International Travel


International travel has always been a “pain” in the backside. Particularly the layovers, the jet-lags, the security checks and most importantly the airline food!! I don’t have too many international travels behind my back but few frequent enough to understand the mistakes I made. The next set of things I have captured are for my …

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Why I hate Picasa Photo Viewer?


Damn! The picasa photo viewer, which was one of my favorite favorite tool to view photos, is terrible!! At the beginning, I always thought my pictures were blurred out. May be the sharpen wasn’t applied properly. So I used to revisit my edits. But thankfully today I cross-verified. This damn thing is actually pathetic in clarity!! …

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iPhone or Android?


If we pull all the questions ever asked till date, about phones, since EPOCH in a single room and play them at the same time. The loudest of the chorus would be: iPhone or Android? Mobile owners, geeky or otherwise, have asked this question multiple times. [pullquote align=”right” textalign=”right” width=”30%”]iPhone is a hardware, a product …

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ORRCA employes: Relocate your homes into your office cubicles

Take all the spaces

How many are aware of the (fairly) recent approval for 5 signal free corridor to be developed within Bangalore city limits?! How many of us are aware on how much of our daily routes are gonna be messed up because of this plan? Lemme warn all those happily ignorant victims that the proposed plan pass …

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