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Indicators are indicators not licenses!!

Traffic woes! Auto-rickshaw Mafia! Cops & Bribes! Ah! Every tale for every one.A peaceful morning! A nice warm kiss from your wife and a bed-coffee! LA Lakers won says Times! Aloo Parata for b/f! Your old Royal Enfield starts in a single kick! The ever-busy street seem free! Your Royal Enfield responds to your commands! …

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Hyd House Hunting Sucks!

As a prelude to the not-yet-aware-of-this-development readers. I recently hopped my company and this forced me to change my town too. I was earlier in Bangalore, India and now I am in Hyd, India. And, this is about my house-hunt in Hyd. Read on….       “Hyd?!! Amazing dude. A very cheap place compared to Bangalore. You …

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