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Why self-driving car is a must in Bangalore?

How many of you read this recent article on the Bangalore traffic scene on Times of india? You haven’t?! Dontcha worry, I got it covered for you. 😉 Here it is: Horror 2020: B’lore traffic in core areas at 5kmph. An excerpt of important points that are relevant to my blog post are here: Horror 2020: B’lore …

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iPhone or Android?


If we pull all the questions ever asked till date, about phones, since EPOCH in a single room and play them at the same time. The loudest of the chorus would be: iPhone or Android? Mobile owners, geeky or otherwise, have asked this question multiple times. [pullquote align=”right” textalign=”right” width=”30%”]iPhone is a hardware, a product …

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ORRCA employes: Relocate your homes into your office cubicles

Take all the spaces

How many are aware of the (fairly) recent approval for 5 signal free corridor to be developed within Bangalore city limits?! How many of us are aware on how much of our daily routes are gonna be messed up because of this plan? Lemme warn all those happily ignorant victims that the proposed plan pass …

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At last a first!!!

to… saka:yeah, i always know my moods were just like the rain clouds in Chennai. They never last more than a day or two… but, yeah, i had all the rights to be depressed bcoz the situation was like that. can’t help it boss!!! after a long of “i need it” and “i will by …

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